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Life at I-Tech Lance
Welcome to I-Tech Lance where we are sociable, hardworking, passionate and there is a good shape of work life balance.
new year function

A routine schedule of coming office for work sans activity and outing makes employees low in spirit ! so here at I-Tech Lance we marked our calender for picnic.

Away from a regular day we were out for a picnic along with family to,Bhim Kund,around 230 KMs from Bhubaneswar.

A sleeper coach had been booked for the day, which was fully utilized by our employees to have dance, music and various other fun games throughout our travel.

We all were lust in the beautiful lap of mother nature at the picnic spot. A gigantic statue of Lord Bhim and roaring waterfall which dazzled white in the dense forest justified the spot.

Rock climbing , cooking , playing badminton , team lunch, photography helped fostering genuine connections and deeper discussions among empoyees.

While our return we had a visit to Tarini Temple so that the positive vive would keep our sprit high through out the year for remarkable accomplishment in work.

Our management's cooperation helped in showing different spheres of our employees!
new year function

At I-Tech Lance We marked our calendar for January 01/01/2018 to celebrate the New Year Eve.

With the old year stretched to an end and as the clock tiked to New Year,we had a wonderful party with our employees.

Party beginned with warm wishes addressed by Management then progressed with an opening song, everyone was floured with bollywood dance that engrossed the audiance to appeal for once more.

On this first day of the year how could we miss our Patriotic spirit ! some of our employees showered their respect for Mother India by dedicating a dance on patriotic song following a stand up ovation.

To make audiance interactive in the event some activities like award your colleage with an adjective, responding to right word and many more also made its mark.

Cake cutting was done with party poppers, mouth watering food and smoothie.

Last but not the list the evening was itself spelling loud for high spirit of our employees when stage was opened for DJ.

The year that starts well continues well!

Though it's a very relative and personal experience and cannot be claimed as generic the life at
I-Tech Lance is full of fun which may be work or events that are arranged for employee engagement.
Rajo Diwaly

In the beginning of Monsoon ensuring fertility of land(MOTHER EARTH) for better productivity Rajo festival is observed where our employees adore colorful traditional dress and have betel.

India is a country of festivals which is reflected in our office so we observe Diwali by decorating our office with diyas and have rangoli competition to keep employees in touch with our rich Indian tradition.

Employee Recognization Meeting

For hard-work, dedication, punctuality and pro activeness, our employees are rewarded with award of Employee Of the Month.

We arrange various meetings to keep our employees abreast of the our Organizations progress and how their action, decision, development and design work is resulting in accomplishing companies goal. 

A person can crib about a particular work but here we give them a feel of good association experience!