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Quality Assurance
It costs a lot to produce a bad product.
Quality assurance is more than just manual testing. Today’s systems are more..
Complete 3D Visualization

3D Visualization is the USP of l-TECH LANCE. We've achieved great mastery over various forms of 3D Visualization:

The prime aim here is to create 3D Architectural models with complete real-world detailing. This offers high levels of photorealism so that a product can be seen before it is actually manufactured. 3D Visualisation takes the guesswork out of any project, helping it to develop smoothly.

The usefulness of 3D Visualisation goes far beyond slick and glossy visuals. It can be utilised to remove fears or to visually describe innovative solutions which may otherwise be lost in translation.

It can also give shape to 2D drawings and inform of positive (or even some negative) features prior to the beginning of the physical work plus the more traditional illustrations of materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings.