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It costs a lot to produce a bad product.
Quality assurance is more than just manual testing. Today’s systems are more..
Who we are

l-TECH LANCE which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India) started up in 2010 ,and have been on an epic ride since then as the leading name in the field of GIS, CAD and 3D visualization services.Together with its clients from all over the world , l-TECH LANCE creates and delivers business,technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, thanks to our topnotch, time-bound and affordable solutions.

Continuous learning is at the heart of its culture .Led by a gifted Managing Director who has years of experience in GIS|CAD|3D, fortunately our knowledgeable and committed team of professionals help to leverage the opportunities and tackle challenges that the future would bring.

Drawn from our pool of professionals we build bespoke teams around your domain and technology requirements  who relentlessly work with unison although from various technical backgrounds towards the success of any project and deliver the desired outcomes with 100% accuracy.

Our Goal & Objectives

The major goal of l-TECH LANCE is to provide innovative GIS/CAD/3D-based services to all our customers from across the world. Making profits is not our sole objective.

Our objectives include:

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Self improvement and
  • Growth in our reputation.

We think it is impossible to survive the cutthroat competition without paying attention to these 3 objectives.

        Our Distinct Company Features

  • Always expect round-the-clock customer support from us.
  • We provide prompt, professional and receptive customer service.
  • With our Query Management System, we ensure effective communication with all our clients without any barrier and comprehend their specific needs better.
  • We take any negative feedback against us seriously (if it is sensible and based on facts) and try to redress it as soon as possible.
  • Be it your project or files, we keep them 100% safe and confidential.
  • We maintain total transparency in every aspect of our dealings with you. From pricing to project progress, we never hide anything.
  • We keep on improving ourselves by acquiring the latest knowledge and technologies to serve you better.
  • We ensure that all our professionals perfectly carry out their tasks with the right mindset and attitude.
  • We've a knack for accomplishing the projects on or before time.
  • We offer our wide range of services at the most competitive prices.

We've made a humble effort to let you know about us here. If you've any doubt or want to know more, then don't hesitate to contact us whenever you want.We believe in the development of the customers and with them we will grow to new and bigger heights. We believe in creating long term relationships with our beloved customers.